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Licensed Psychologist, Province of New Brunswick

Current Editorial Board Positions

Canadian Journal of Human SexualityInternational Journal of Sexual Health, Archives of Sexual Behavior, International Journal of Clinical Health Psychology, Psychology and Human Sexuality.

Current Professional Activities

Chair, Department of Psychology, University of New Brunswick.

Regular reviewer for several journals including: Archives of Sexual Behavior, Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality; International Journal of Sexual Health, and Journal of Sex Research.

Provide interviews to radio, television, and print media on topics related to human sexuality.

Served as committee member to the International Consultation on Sexual Medicine.

Recent Invited Lectures, Seminars, Colloquia & Workshops

         Midwives and Women's Sexual Well-being.  Workshop presented to Community Midwives of Kingston, October, 2014. 

         Addressing Pain Clients’ Sexual Concerns. Workshop presented at the meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Inter-Professional Pain Conference, October, 2011.            

            Beyond The Birds and the Bees and Was it Good for You?: Thirty Yearsof Research on Sexual Communication.  Invited plenary address presented at the meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association, Winnipeg, June, 2010.

            Sexual Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships: Findings from 25 Years of Research. Invited plenary address presented at the meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Los Vegas, November, 2010

Comfort in Assessing and Addressing Sexuality at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation Sexuality Workshop, June., 2010.

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association (www.apa.org)
Canadian Psychological Association (www.cpa.ca)
College of Psychologists of New Brunswick (www.cpnb.ca)
Canadian Sex Research Forum (www.csrf.ca)
International Academy of Sex Research (www.iasr.org)
Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (www.sieccan.org)
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (www.sexualscience.org)

SSSS Award 2009

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