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Data collection is planned or on-going for the following research projects:

Sexual Problems in Adolescents

Attitudes Toward Sexual Health Education of Indo-Canadian Parents

Sexual Communication between Health Care Professionals and their Patients/Clients

Sexuality and Aging

Fibromyalgia and Sexual Well-Being

Gender Attitudes

Sexual Well-Being in Long-Distance Relationships

Data collection is complete and data analysis/manuscript preparation is ongoing  for the following research projects:

Online Sexual Activity

Sexual Communication and Sexual Satisfaction in Canada and Spain

Parent-Adolescent Sexual Communication

Child Sexual Abuse and Women's Sexual Functioning

Body Image and Sexual Functioning

Sexual Health Education

Dating Violence

Sexual Well-Being of Sexual Minority Women

Sexual Well-Being in Relationships in Canada, Portugal, and the Netherlands

Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual Cognitions

Sexual Well-Being of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Female Genital Self-Image

Completed Projects

Premature or Rapid Ejaculation

Sexuality and Breast Cancer

Sexual Definitions

Sexuality and Prostate Cancer

Partner Understanding

Training of Clinicians and Sexual Intervention Self-Efficacy

Intimacy and Oral Sex

STIs and Sexual Well-Being

Sexual Coercion, Self-Blame, and Well-Being

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