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Most of my research relates to human sexuality. Among other topics, I have conducted research related to sexual satisfaction, sexual communication, sexual initiation, rapid ejaculation, sexual cognitions, sexual coercion, sexual health education, parent-child sexual communication, sexuality and chronic illness, sexuality and body image (including genital self-image), sexuaity in long-distance relationships, and sexuality training of clinical psychologists. Much of my research is collaborative with my students. I try to provide my students with a great deal of latitude to pursue research in areas of human sexuality that are of particular interest to them. We meet regularly as the UNB Human Sexuality Research Group, often joined by other colleagues. We use these meetings to discuss issues in the field, provide each other with feedback on our work, practice conference presentations, and present clinical work related to sexual problems.

Some of my research has been informed by multidisciplinary collaborative research teams. As such, my students have had the opportunity to learn about and participate in team research. I was also Founding Director of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research and was involved in team research on dating violence.

As detailed in my C.V., I have received a number of grants to fund my research.  I have also won a number of research awards, most recently the Kinsey Award from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

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